Gastronomy, culture, tradition, visits ... Do not miss our guide and discover all these charming towns on the Basque coast


We are located in a perfect area to visit the most important charming villages of the Basque coast . Our hotel is the ideal starting point to move around and know such beautiful and interesting places as San Sebastian, Zarautz, Hondarribia or the French Basque Country


Next, we are going to present you 10 charming villages on the Basque coast located all of them less than 1 hour from our hotel that you can not miss in your visit to Txanka Erreka.


The Basque coast is formed by the provinces of Vizcaya and Gipuzcoa, where we are located. With 176 km. of extension, our coast shelters some of the most spectacular places of the Cantabrian Sea and a cultural, natural and culinary richness worth admiring and enjoying.

Let’s start with 5 towns that are west of our hotel , that is, in the direction of Bilbao, so some can be visited on the same day to take advantage of the trip.

ZARAUTZ (10 minutes from our hotel)

With a privileged surroundings and surroundings, Zarautz is one of the most touristic areas and one of the most charming towns in Gipuzcoa. A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, together with an extensive and beautiful beach of 2 kilometers long surrounded by extensive dunes , an important historical heritage and a culinary offer of high level, make Zarautz one of the towns that you have to sign up as mandatory to visit.

Main places of interest in Zarautz:

• Mollarri

• Naturgunea

GUETARIA ( 25 minutes from our hotel)

This town of great fishing tradition that overlooks the sea, is presided over by two beaches and by an imposing mount next to the sea that give to Guetaria an absolutely spectacular aspect. In addition, its fishing port is one of the most attractive you will visit on your trip.


This medieval walled town is therefore one of the most charming towns of Gipuzcoa and the Basque coast and, also, the birthplace of illustrious characters such as the discoverer Juan Sebastián Elkano and the designer Cristobal Balenciaga, which has a museum in the same town.

And to add even more charm, Guetaria is surrounded by tremendous meadows where the grape is produced for the famous “txakoli”. The most traditional way to try “txakoli” is to go to the restaurants that are next to the port.

Main places of interest

• Port

• Elkano

•  Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum

• Town Hall

• Old part

•  San Antón mountain

ZUMAIA ( 25 minutes from our hotel)

The landscapes and cliffs of the coast between Deba and Zumaia are a reference for the international geological community. Among these landscapes is the large eight-kilometer field that was named the protected biotope. The hermitage of San Telmo is the watchman of the fishermen who return from the sea.

This hermitage, is located on top of a wonderful beach, known as Itzurun, which is protected from the surrounding noises by the layers of tremendous vertical rocks. In addition, the Itzurun beach offers us some properties such as iodine and black remains in its waters, which turn out to be very healthy for the skin.

From Zumaia, the famous Flysch Route of the Basque Coast Geopark, passes through Deva to Mutriku, which runs through the cliffs of the area on a sea excursion that covers millions of years of geological history.

LEKEITIO ( 1 hour from our hotel)

Halfway between Bilbao and San Sebastian and next to the mouth of the Lea, is this charming village of the Basque coast belonging to Vizcaya. With a long fishing tradition, Lekeitio has a beach that changes with the tides and that uncovers a sandy walk to reach the Island of San Nicolás.

Also noteworthy is its promenade by which you reach its colorful fishing port, always very atmospheric and ideal to have a drink in one of its many bars and restaurants.

URDAIBAI ( 1 hour from our  hotel)

The Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve is a natural space of great ecological and landscape value. This area has a great diversity in terms of flora and fauna and is a reference center for lovers of ornithology.

Highlights places like the Forest of Oma or the beaches of Laga and Laida.

If you continue a little and surround the Urdaibia marshes you can reach such emblematic places as Mundaka, surfers’ paradise, or San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, where several episodes of the famous Game of Thrones series have been filmed.

These are the 5 charming villages on the Basque coast located west of our hotel. Zarautz is next door and you can visit it whenever you want, but for the others, a good idea can be to choose two to visit them in a day and even three if you are very fast or have little time. Although we recommend seeing them with tranquility to be able to enjoy them, since they are areas that are really worth seeing with tranquility and soaking up their essence and their gastronomy.


The other 5 villages east of our hotel that we are going to talk about next, are the charming towns near San Sebastian and in the French Basque Country, including the same capital of Guipúzcoa among them.

SAN SEBASTIÁN (15 minutes from our hotel)

We are next to the most beautiful city in the north and one of the most charming cities you can visit. San Sebastian has it all: beach, nature, historical-artistic heritage and a gastronomy that is a reference worldwide.
The Old Town of San Sebastián is the right place to walk, as well as the area to taste the “pintxos” route. Here is also the Plaza de la Constitución, a very emblematic place for the people of San Sebastian.
The native landscapes, the bay of La Concha with its famous beach and the modern architectural developments are just some of the most attractive reasons for any tourist who comes to San Sebastian.

Main interest places in San Sebastián

• Beaches
• Old part
• San Telmo Museum
• Town hall
• Mount Urgull
• The Comb of the Wind
• Mount Igueldo
• The La Bretxa market
• Victoria Eugenia Theater
• Kursaal
• The harbor and Aquarium

HONDARRIBIA (30 minutes from the hotel)

We are getting closer to neighboring France and just before the border we find one of the most beautiful villages near San Sebastian, Hondarribia.

It is a historic town in a natural enclave surrounded by the two main protagonists of this area of ​​the Basque coast: the mountain and the sea. Basque gastronomy is also one of the main characteristics of Hondarribia and in most of its many restaurants we will find typical gastronomy of a Basque fishing village like this one.
In the mount of Hondarribia is the Hermitage Ama Guadalupekoa, being spectacular both its interior and all the environment that is around it.

On the other hand, the Jaizkibel mountain offers us a wide panoramic view of the coast of southeastern France, the coast of Gipuzkoa and of Bizkaia.
Hondarribia also has the peculiarity of being separated from France only by the Bidasoa river, which is why it is a border town. Therefore, if you come to this area you can not stop visiting one of the most charming towns of Guipúzcoa and the entire Basque coast.

Main interest places in Hondarribia:
• Old part.
• Beach
• Nature
• Txingudi Bay
• Jaizkibel.
• Ama Guadalupekoa.

HENDAYE (30 minutes from our hotel)

We crossed to France and we met the first town in the French Basque Country, Hendaye.
Its 3 km. of fine sand beach make Hendaya a place frequented by tourists who will enjoy the sun and the beach as well as surfing. In addition, Hendaya hosts a spectacular castle, the Châteaua Abbadia.

Its old part, observing its neo-Basque style constructions (which was born precisely in this locality), doing it along the promenade until you reach the castle or even along its paths between cliffs and beaches, is a real gift for the senses.

Strategic point in all major historical conflicts between France and Spain, Hendaye is a crossroads of cultures and therefore another charming town near San Sebastian that is essential to visit.

SAN JUAN DE LA LUZ (45 minutes from our hotel)

We continue north from Hendaye until we reach this small and quiet town, a summer resort for many French and Spanish, although much less crowded than its neighbor Biarritz.

The main attractions of this charming town of the French Basque Country are its beautiful beach and its promenade, along which you can see buildings as majestic as the Grand Hôtel and the Casino La Pergola.
The Rue Gambetta (the main street of the town) and the Church of San Juan Bautistas are also the other important tourist attractions of San Juan de Luz.




BIARRITZ ( 50 minutes from the hotel)

Biarritz is the tourist village par excellence of the French Basque Country and one of the most charming towns on the French Basque coast. It is located in the Pyrénées Atlantiques region, in the historic Aquitaine and is a place known for its wide and numerous beaches, its restaurants, its luxurious spas, its Puerto de Los Pescadores and for being a very suitable place for surfing.

Bathed by the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay), is very close to other important places such as Bayonne or Anglet and is 20 kilometers from the border.
Also noteworthy are its mansions and its bourgeois houses and historic buildings as luxurious and majestic as the Hôtel Du Palais, the Municipal Casino, the Rock of the Virgin or the Museum of the Sea Aquarium.